Dear Students – please view the link to the Healthwatch - Mental Health & Wellbeing survey.

It’s important for you to take part as your input should help to improve mental health provision. 

Bear in mind that some of the information/questions could be of a sensitive nature – you are under no obligation and can close the survey at any point.

Should you require any support please come to Student Support for assistance.

Just a few of the final term’s attendance & punctuality winners!

Remember if you get 100% attendance and punctuality you’ll get £10 worth of vouchers to spend at The Granary and Shelley’s Restaurant!

We’re looking forward to seeing who next year’s winners will be!

We set your password to make it easy for you to login, particularly at the start of term when you are just getting started on your course.

But you should change this password to something harder to guess as soon as you can. The shortest password can be 8 characters long, but we recommend that 15 characters what you should aim for – and do this by using three words (with no spaces) instead of just a single word. We call this a ‘passphrase’.

A passphrase is 3 or more words that are not related and can’t be guessed. You should also try not to use correct spellings. Instead, use slang.

You should also change letters to numbers and symbols and use capital letters within your passphrase.

An example of a strong passphrase would be: L3tsm@@keloadsa£££

If you choose to sync your College email to your mobile phone or other device, please limit the number of devices you use as much as possible. Please also remember, if you change your passphrase, then you have to update it on every device/mobile you have used to sync your College email. Otherwise the mobile will still try to login with your old password to sync your email and it could cause problems.

Many thanks to students that took part in our Safer Internet Day Quiz. We had a great response across the college and a number of students scored maximum points!

Congratulations to the following who were randomly selected to receive a £20 I-Tunes Voucher.

  • Destiny Gemmell
  • Hannah Rackham
  • Mark Bennett
  • Charles Jekenya
  • We will email you when your vouchers are ready for collection.
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