Learning and Teaching

At Suffolk New College we aim to provide you with an exceptional student experience.

We want you to have an exceptional learning experience where you further develop your knowledge, skills and values to help you achieve your dreams.

Your study programme has been carefully planned to help you develop your skills, knowledge and understanding in your chosen vocational area. It includes your vocational qualification, your Maths and English (if you have not yet achieved a C), work experience and Personal, Social and Employability Skills Development. It may also include short employment related courses. Your personal tutor will explain this to you.

Full details of how your programme has been developed is included in your course handbook.

This Individual Learning Plan is in an electronic format on Pro-Monitor and you will be shown how to complete this by your tutor.

Independent Learning and Preparing for Lessons

You will be asked by your tutors to undertake learning independently in your own time. This will be either to reinforce learning from your recent lessons or to prepare you for your next lesson. It is very important that you do this work in the timescales set.

Virtual Learning Environment

The College uses a number of online tools to teach you including Moodle and the Google Suite for Education. Tutors will use these to support your access to class materials and assignments. They will also be used to support independent learning with videos, quizzes and tutorials. You will be shown how to access these tools during your induction.