The role of Student Governor is worthwhile and rewarding for those who want to make a positive difference to Suffolk New College.

The Student Governor is an equal governor to the rest of those on the board, but has a unique contribution to make and will play as full a part in the governance of the College as is possible.

The Student Governor as a member of Corporation is a volunteer and there to represent the interests of the student body and the public interest in general.

The Corporation together with the Principal are the highest level of decision making in the College being responsible for determining what education and training the College will provide and the way in which this will be delivered. They also lead the drive for improved standards in teaching, learning and assessment by challenging areas for improvement.

Role Description:

The Student Governor has to observe the principles set out of the following documents as they apply to the role as a member of Corporation:

  • Instruments and Articles of Government
  • Corporation Code of Conduct
  • Nolan Principles of Public Life of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability openness, honesty and leadership
  • Code of Good Governance

The Student Governor must:

  • act in the best interests of the Corporation and, in particular, the students of the College
  • support decisions of the Corporation and Committees of the Corporation once they have been reached
  • give priority to attending meetings of the Corporation and any committee the Student Governor is appointed to
  • attend College events as appropriate
  • participate in training and briefing events in order to improve their contribution to the Corporation

As a member of the Corporation the Student Governor will:

  • help to determine the educational character College
  • help in monitoring whether the College is fulfilling its duties to the student body  
  • be committed to the role of Suffolk New College as a leading supplier of further education, aiming to be widely respected for the quality of its courses, the opportunities provided for students and the skills of its staff
  • be willing and able to promote the equality and diversity policy adopted by the Corporation
  • be able to attend meetings of the Corporation or Committee meetings given that these usually start at 4.00pm.

Helpful Characteristics:

  • good communication skills, and an ability to work with colleagues both in large meetings and in a small committee environment
  • the capacity to understand a range of written material and an ability to evaluate issues that require decisions of the Corporation
  • be able to advance the College’s interests in the student body and the local community
  • be committed to College policies and strategies and help to enhance the culture and values of the College.

Members of the Corporation have no individual powers. If the Student Governor is in any doubt about their role or the work of Corporation they should contact the Clerk to Corporation for guidance and support.


To apply to be a student governor please email your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or bring it to the finance window on the second floor marked for the attention of Dennis Mcgarry (Clerk to Corproation) by the 27th September 4pm.

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