The immunisations we are able to offer to your students are as follows:-

HPV For girls only (1st dose to be given before their 18th birthday to be eligible)

MEN ACWY For all year 12’s & 13’s.

DTP All year 12’s only

Students 16 and over can consent to immunisations themselves. However we encourage students to discuss their immunisation options in advance with their parents or guardians. Students will be able to check their records on the day to see if they require vaccines or boosters. However, they are also able to check with their GP in advance if they so wish.

Students and Staff over the age of 18 are welcome to attend the stand in the atrium to check their records for any immunisation requirements and the nurses will be happy to help or give advice.

You can access consent forms here

Consent forms are available from student support if you wish to complete this in advance or on the day of the event (16 & over only)

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