From when a student signs up to the service the course lasts twelve weeks although if further support is required then this can be provided. Students are encouraged to attend weekly at least for the first six weeks to optimise their chances of quitting successfully. The first appointment lasts about half an hour and from then on about 15 minutes. Students will be encouraged to take and use Nicotine Replacement Therapy products to replace their cigarettes. These are provided to the students for FREE and there is no charge for attending the clinic.

During the twelve weeks the student and the advisor will focus on planning the quit attempt, supporting them through fulfilling the quit attempt, and then ensuring they are able to stay quit for good.

There are so many benefits to stopping smoking; younger looking skin, whiter teeth, better breathing and fitness levels, longer life, less stress, improved smell and taste, more energy and protecting the health of your loved ones.

The financial benefits can be On average, most people who quit smoking save around £250 per month.

If students wish to contact the service for stopping smoking then they can call 01473 718 193 and book an appointment or alternatively visit

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