Please be advised that the College will no longer allow electric scooters to be brought into College buildings at any location. They are not allowed in classrooms or workshops, and we cannot provide any internal storage or cupboards for them. Students can choose to use the bike shelters and motorcycle areas, but they will need to bring suitable padlocks and chains to secure them. As with other forms of transport brought onto site, the College does not accept any responsibility. If you are unable to secure them then our advice would be that you do not bring them onto site. The College, longer term, will review whether any modified storage externally will be required.

We also want to remind students to ensure that they have suitable padlocks and chains to secure their bikes. The College is not able to provide padlocks and chains, or other alternative storage such as inside the building or cupboards, for bikes. Only the College’s external bike shelters should be used and any items left are at the owner’s risk, the College accepts no responsibility.

Please adhere to these rules as you will be turned away if you attempt to bring these items into the College buildings.

The SNC Student Union are proud to support this fundraising event to support the amazing work that St Elizabeth Hospice do. Please read the poster for full details on how you can show your support.

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